about wendy ardolino

Wendy Headshot 2I started Ardolino Photography in 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, almost a decade after I started shooting weddings for fun. I loved capturing timeless events for friends and family, so I continued to pursue wedding photography alongside my original career path, magazine journalism. Though just a hobby, I started apprenticing underneath other wedding photographers, learning everything I could about creating the perfect photography experience for the bride and groom. In the meantime, I became a magazine editor, a dream come true for me. But opportunities kept popping up to photograph weddings, families, and events. So in 2008 I took a leap of faith and opened my own business. What an amazing experience!

I moved to Maui in 2013 and it is awesome! I knew I wanted to move to the Hawaiian Islands after visiting my aunt in Oahu when I was 16. In college, I had the chance to participate in a college exchange program and of course my first choice was the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Oahu. Though I didn’t get to stay, I knew I would be back at some point to make Hawaii my home. In my time here, I have been blessed to work with some amazing people in the wedding industry and have learned so much about photography in the islands.

Taking pictures of important life events truly is the best job ever. I love meeting new people and helping you bring your vision to life, and then capturing it for you in a creative way. I enjoy taking all the stress out of an experience so you can enjoy the moments as well as the pictures afterwards.

What I Love: When I am not taking photos, I love hanging out with my cute husband, hiking, beach day BBQs, paddle boarding, drinking coffee, checking my Facebook, searching for best-kept-secret restaurants, taking or teaching workout classes, and playing tour guide for friends and family.